Automated Interview Scheduling

Talent Now Talent Acquisiton Platform is the market leader for sourcing, recruitment and candidate engagement.

AI Interview Scheduling

Shrink your interview scheduling time from days to hours with Talent Now interview scheduling.  Keep candidates engaged throughout the scheduling process and make it easy for the interviewers and coordinators.

Coordinator can initiate interview scheduling with a click of the button. 1:1 and Panel Interviews are supported. Advanced AI solution works with the interviewer calendars and candidate availability to reduce the scheduling time to minimal. Email and text reminders are available. Fully mobile enabled. 

Why Talent Now Platform

Talent Now Acquisition platform is a modern platform that provides your business a strategic advantage in hiring the best employees in a competitive talent marketplace. It helps coordinators and recruiters maintain a personal touch with the candidates from the moment contact is established till the time they are on-boarded.

Our concierge coordinator service makes the recruiting more effective so your staffing organization can focus on candidate engagement, and leave coordination activities to us.

Career Site

Talent Now has a single integrated platform for CRM, Applicant Tracking System, Branded Candidate Portal (Career Site), Manager Portal. Candidates get a seamless experience when applying for the job. They have the flexibility to apply with account creation, or just sending an email to reduce abandonment rate. No matter how the candidate applies, candidates’ applications are made available in the ATS. Candidates can track the progress of their job application in the Candidate.

Career sites support account creation with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn credentials, and candidates can easily import their social profiles as part of their application process. Career Site works on all major browsers and are fully mobile optimized for easy search and apply from Android, and iOS.

Experience First

Designed with People Experience First. Simple to navigate. Accommodates users of various skill levels. Users can start with basic features with no training.


Fewer steps and hiding the complexity under the hoods makes it simple to accomplish tasks. Persona Centric intutive user interface enables anyone to start using application without any training.


Automation and hiding the complexity under the hoods makes it possible to accomplish a task quickly.

Sourcing to Offer Management

Talent Now is a complete solution. It provides everything needed for an efficient process from knockout questions, job specific questions, and feedback collection. It supports automated interview scheduling, email correspondences to candidates and hiring managers, and generation of offer letters to speed up your recruiting processes.

Real-Time Collaboration

The platform is build for real time collaboration between candidates, coordinators, recruiters, hiring managers, and interviewers. The platform facilitates every aspect of the hiring process from collaborating on requisition creation, automated interview scheduling, offer, and on-boarding. 

Live actionable dashboards show candidates in various stages of pipeline. KPIs are available to measure sourer, coordinator and recruiter effectiveness.

Actionable Dashboards and Reports

Live actionable dashboard show candidates in various stages of pipeline from sourced, applied, submitted for review, interviews, considered, unconsidered, hire etc. KPIs are available to measure sourer, coordinator and recruiter effectiveness.

Job Template & Approval Processes

Talent Now provides job templates that can be used for requisition creation. Job Templates includes Knockout and Job Specific Questions. Approval mechanisms is available for requisitions to be approved. Once approved jobs can be published to Career Site (Candidate Portal) or deactivated with a click of the button.

Job Posting or Removal

Jobs can be posted or removed from the Career Site with a click of button. Once a job is posted, it becomes visible in the career Portal. Candidates can then apply for the job.

Import Candidates on the Fly


Candidates applying from your job portal, or via email, their resumes are automatically made available in the system

Intelligent Search

Talent Now Search enables you to find the candidates when you need them. It allows you to search through millions of candidates when you need them.

In addition to the basic search, more intelligent searches can be done based on job function, industry, companies, rating, and pipeline. Searches created can be saved and sorted by sourcers and junior recruiters to identify the best candidates. Search functionality is extremely fast based on elastic search technology. All new resumes are automatically indexed.


Communicate with candidates, interviewers, hiring managers with a click of button. Prebuilt templates are included for various actions such as consider, unconsidered, submitting resumes, asking feedback, reminders etc. With these prebuilt templates you will not have to write any emails.