Concierge Services

Provide candidates a world class experience from contact to hire

What is Coordinator Services

Like recruiters, hiring managers, and talent sourcing representatives, recruiting coordinators are an essential part of the hiring process. Recruiters focus their efforts on the actual interview process, recruitment coordinators, on the other hand, facilitate the movement of candidates through the recruitment process. Recruiting coordinator responsibilities entail everything from posting open positions to job boards, coordinate candidate travel, scheduling interviews across departments, handling last-minute scheduling changes, creating offer letters, conducting background checks, and smoothing over any other speed bumps in the hiring process. The job of a coordinator starts when candidates respond to a job opening and ends when the organization fills the position in question. In other words, recruiting coordinators work closely with recruiters, talent sourcing representatives and headhunters, to ensure the hiring process runs smoothly.

Why Our Coordinator Services

Excellent communication skills, in various forms, are the most important quality in an effective recruiting coordinator. Coordinators spend most of their workday communicating with various people throughout your organization. Effective and efficient communication is therefore paramount to optimizing resources and ensuring continuity throughout your organization in the hiring process. In addition, recruiting coordinators are often among the first people to interface with job candidates. Therefore, professionalism and an ability to make others feel welcome are essential.

In addition to written and verbal communication skills, core skills include:

  • Streamlined Processes, Automation, and KPI ensure consistent World Class Candidate experience
  • Technological proficiency
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Comfortable multitasking
  • Robust clerical skills
  • Professional dress and decorum
  • Proficiency in Candidate Relationship
  • Management (CRM) software
  • Proficiency in Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Proficiency in Salesforce software
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access

1st month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

World Class Candidate Experience

Candidate experience at the fore front of all interactions during the Coordination Process

Extension of Your Team

We support the interview process by scheduling interviews, arranging travel, and communicating with candidates. Your team can focus on hiring the best talent.

Cost Savings

By taking away coordination work your recruiting team can hire more qualified candidaites

Job Posting or Removal

We can take away the work of managing job postings across multiple job boards by posting, tracking, and removing job postings

Real-Time Collaboration

Our coordinators interact as if they are sitting next to you. We can work within your Applicant Tracking System, or via notifications. Internally we have a strong process so that we do not skip a beat.

Key Performance Indicators

We provide you with key performance indicators such as time to setup interviews, % of interviews set up successfully etc.

AI Interview Scheduling

Shrink your interview scheduling time from days to hours with Talent Now interview scheduling.  Keep candidates engaged throughout the scheduling process and make it easy for the interviewers and coordinators.

Coordinator can initiate interview scheduling with a click of the button. 1:1 and Panel Interviews are supported. Advanced AI solution works with the interviewer calendars and candidate availability to reduce the scheduling time to minimal. Email and text reminders are available. Fully mobile enabled.


Communicate with candidates, interviewers, hiring managers during the interview set up and coordination phase without skipping a beat.


1st month money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.